First aid for frostbite

Frostbite occurs after exposure to extreme cold, when the blood flow to the exposed area stops and the affected area of skin becomes frozen...

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What you need in your first aid kit

Always have a first aid kit in your home (and a separate one in the car) in case of medical emergencies. Here’s a list of what you will need...

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First aid: deal with food poisoning

Cooking for a large family over Christmas is a huge task so make sure you handle the food with care. If, for any reason, food poisoning occurs, take the following steps to make the person safe...

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First aid tips for feeling faint

If you are feeling faint, here is what you can do to prevent fainting...

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First aid for sprains

Sprains are ­often linked with sporting activities as they are caused by sudden tearing or overstretching of soft tissues around bones and joints...

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First aid tips to relieve cramp

Cramp is caused when there is a spasm in a muscle, which can feel painful and unexpected...

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First aid tips for nosebleeds

Sit the person down, reassure them and pinch the tip rather than the hard bit of the nose...

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First aid tips to rescue someone drowning in water

Saving a drowning person can be ­hazardous in itself so first try to rescue them without getting into the water...

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First aid: Poisoning from plants

Children are the most at risk from poisonous plants, since they may be attracted by their berries or seeds and eat them...

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First aid: Anaphylactic shock

Anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis) occurs when the body has ­a serious allergic reaction to something...

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