Before marathon, take stress test

Planning to run the next marathon or a half marathon? Get a stress test done ahead of the race day

By Kounteya Sinha

A first-of-its-kind study published on Thursday says participating in marathons does not increase risk of cardiac arrest. However, most cardiac events during races are due to underlying heart disease participants didn’t know of.

The new study has found that participating in these races is associated with a relatively low risk of cardiac arrest compared to other athletics. An analysis of 10 years of data appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that most of those suffering cardiac arrests during marathons had undiagnosed pre-existing cardiac abnormalities. Male participants in marathons accounted for most cardiac arrests and appear to be at an increasing risk.

Dr Deepak Natarajan, director of interventional cardiology at Moolchand Hospital, Delhi, said, “For those who run regularly, it is fine to run in a marathon. But Indians lead a very sedentary lifestyle. So, 30 or 40-year olds who usually don’t run should not spring up to participate in a marathon without first visiting a doctor. An ECG and treadmill test will help to identify underlying heart conditions.”

Source: TNN

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