Healthy with the right diet and exercise

J K Francis, fitness expert tells us that health begins to improve as soon as you incorporate the right exercise and diet programme into your life

Diet and exercise are integral to staying fit and healthy. Proper nutrition along with exercise keeps you in shape and healthy. However, diets and exercise programs should be done under a doctor’s supervision or under the guidance of a nutritionist or personal trainer since both diet and exercise are based on many different factors.
Some of the different factors that should be considered while choosing a diet and exercise programme are weight, cholesterol level, body mass index (BMI), heart rate, metabolism, hormonal levels, history of disease, and blood pressure. The goal of an exercise and diet programme is to attain and maintain a healthy weight for your particular body type. It is very important to stick to guidelines since losing weight too fast can cause even greater health problems.

Watch what you eat:
Proper diet means eating healthy and cutting out things that are bad for you. When eating habits are changed to a healthier pattern, BP and cholesterol are usually lowered, thereby reducing the risk of obesity-related diseases. When proper exercise is attained, you will have more energy, feel better about yourself, and weight-related health issues will be better.

What you can do:
Walking, jogging, swimming, pilates, yoga, weightlifting, aerobics, tai-chi, biking, and stretching are the different exercises you can do. Your family doctor will tell you which type of exercise is best. 

Be sure to carefully discuss and decide with your physician what the best plan for your individual health is. The goal is to attain and maintain a healthy weight for your body. A low calorie, well-balanced diet with exercise is essential. By doing everything in a program you can feel better about yourself physically and mentally.

Your diet and nutrition is the most essential part of your health regime. There are many different types of diets ranging from FDA-recommended daily allowances, fad or crash diets, macrobiotic diets, vegetarian diets, low sodium diets, and low carbohydrate diets, but choose one in consultation with your doctor.

The right diet will teach you how to change your lifestyle and habits. Changing your habits is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. So, start working on your fitness and wellbeing programme today.

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