Shweta Kawaatra: On the day of the wedding everyone made me feel special

Television actress Shweta Kawaatra who has married actor Manav Gohil recalls her wedding day

By As told to Purnima Goswami Sharma

“Manav and I chose to get married in Mumbai as his family is from Baroda and mine from Delhi. We decided to have an arya samaj wedding.

Along with my family, I began preparing almost three months in advance. I did shopped from Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. For the main ceremony, I bought a bright orange salwar kurta with rich golden embroidery from Ritu Kumar and for the reception I wore a deep purple coloured sari designed by Rina Dhaka.
My mom gifted her heavy gold choker set to me; I added emeralds and uncut diamonds to it and made it contemporary. Also I bought a maang tikaa, nose ring and other meenakari jewellery from Jaipur. I love the coloured stoned jewellery that one gets there.
My family went out of their way to make me feel special on my wedding. Few days before the wedding they ensured that I rested and didn’t go out for shopping or get involved in over looking any arrangement. I am one person who believes in doing everything myself, so was slightly uncomfortable with all the pampering.

Looking good
Regarding my fitness, I have always been conscious and particular about my exercise regime. My makeup man for the last ten years did my makeup and he did a great job. I personally feel every bride has a special glow on her face.
Pre-marital jitters
To be honest I didn’t have premarital jitters as ours was a love marriage. We courted for almost 3½ years. We were good friends earlier and was comfortable with the idea of getting married.
We had many ceremonies like chuddha kailire, mehendi and sangeet. On the day of the mehendi Manav didn’t turn up till turn late evening and nor was he reachable on his mobile. He finally came dressed up as Santa Claus as it was the Christmas Eve. It was hilarious and of course a pleasant surprise.
In the noon, before the wedding my parents saw the decoration was not as per their liking and design, so they spent time hunting for mehendi green tissue cloth for the mandap which they wanted in yellow and green colour.

They also did not like the simple varmalas the florist had arranged for. So to get some lovely varmalas they spent a few hours before the wedding and eventually managed to get all that they wanted for their daughter’s wedding
Our wedding was on the 25th December. In Punjab, the baraat is very important. One night before the wedding we coaxed Manav to come on a horseback and he agreed. His baraat landed up half an hour early!

He is Gujarati and they don’t have baraats and I am Punjabi where the dance and loud music in baraats are endless. I was not even ready as I had assumed that they will dance for long as it happens in most weddings. So I told my dad to ensure that they dance for sometime so that I could get ready!
The next day we had our reception in a night club so our friends could simply chill out and have fun. Overall on the day of the wedding everyone made me feel special and I was indeed touched! Between all the chaos and tension everything finally went off well."

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