5 reasons you should eat oats

If you want the energy to toss a caber start the day with a bowl of oats

By Dr Miriam Stoppard

Oats, the Highland favourite, have been grown for more than 2,000 years and were a staple of tough 14th century Scottish soldiers. If you want the energy to toss a caber start the day with a bowl of porridge. You can also include them in muesli, use them in a crumble topping or you could make healthy oatcakes.

  1. Oats are great for your heart as they can reduce raised levels of harmful LDL cholesterol - a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. They contain beta-glucan, just three grams of which a day can lower LDL by almost 20%, according to research. There's 1.75g in a bowl of porridge and 0.75g of it in a slice of oat-flour bread.

  2. Carbohydrates such as oats help produce serotonin, a calming hormone that regulates your sleep and mood.

  3. They are full of fibre, which is essential for a healthy digestive system.

  4. Oats are low GI - they release glucose slowly throughout the day, sustaining energy levels.

  5. The active ingredient in oats can help to boost your immune system, so will keep you on fighting form.

Source: Daily Mirror

Picture credit: Kliverap

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