Healing anorexia with homeopathy

Homeopathy can overcome anorexia! This Eating Disorder Awareness Week, read on to know how

By Dr Mukesh Batra

Triggered by an emotional disorder, anorexia is a serious eating disorder wherein self-induced weight loss leads to a body weight that is at least 15 per cent below the normal ideal for a person of that age and height.

The mortality rate for anorexia nervosa is higher than that of any other psychiatric disorder. In fact it is the leading cause of death in young women with a death rate 12 times higher than that of all other causes affecting females between 15 to 24 years. A study by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa reports that 5-10 per cent of anorexics die within 10 years of contracting the disease while 18-20 per cent of anorexics die after 20 years from related complications including suicide and heart problems.

Homeopathic medicines are known to have a profound positive effect on the human psyche, which is why they are so effective in various psychological and developmental disorders. A New Zealand study demonstrated the efficacy of homeopathy in treating mental illness with patients showing a 90 per cent improvement. The focus of homeopathy is not to treat the isolated symptoms of the disease but to treat the individual as a whole. Anorexics are extremely anxious personalities who love perfection. Obsessed with being thin, they are terrified of gaining weight.

A 22-year-old young girl was brought by her mother to one of our clinics in Mumbai. The girl had been starving herself, exercising vigorously, vomiting and refusing food. Gentle questioning led to her sharing that her behaviour stemmed from an obsession with being thin as she truly believed that being thin would make her more successful. She was a good student and wanted everything in her life to be perfect. After a detailed case history, we diagnosed her as suffering from anorexia nervosa. Clinical examination confirmed that she was severely underweight.

Treatment was started wherein she was prescribed homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album 200, five pills twice daily for a month. Today, just after a couple of months, her blood reports show a rise in her haemoglobin levels with a tangible increase in her weight.

Homeopathic medicines that are useful in anorexia

  • Arsenicum Album 30, five pills, twice daily: Indicated where anorexics suffer from great anguish, restlessness and panic attacks with severe loss of weight through starvation.

  • Ipecac 30, five pills twice a day: Prescribed for anorexics who seek to lose weight through vomiting and purging. These individuals are usually overweight and irritable.

Do not dismiss anorexia as a young girl’s passing fad. It is a deep seated and dangerous disorder that requires immediate intervention. Remedies are indicative. To be taken under medical supervision only.

Source: Bombay Times

Picture credit: Ojo Images/India Picture

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