Diary of a supermum: Time for some news

This week read about Mayas new found friend and her acting talent

By Suneeta rao

Today I’ve got some good news and some bad news. And since I always like to end on a good note, here’s the bad stuff:

I was responsible for Maya getting sick the other day. I gave her slightly old peanuts, and she reacted badly, throwing up everything, in the middle of the night. I was horrified. I was sure she was not allergic to them, so this was definitely because they had passed their expiry date. I had to bathe her and soothe her, (although she didn’t shed a tear – she was probably too shell shocked), until early morning when she finally fell asleep, relieved after all that discomfort. Fortunately the doctor answered my call at night, and advised just ‘Digene Gel’ and cold water, which I gave her, and she was fine the next day. But I am going to stay away from those nuts for a while – no matter how fresh they may be!

And now for some good news – Maya has a new friend! A boy called Christian, who for some reason seems to have charmed my little girl! She came out of her class the other day chanting Christian this and Christian that, and when I finally met him she was jumping up and down with excitement, and hasn’t stopped talking about him! He is actually quite a darling, I must say, and he too kept waving and saying “Bye Maya” all the way to his ride home! There is nothing more endearing than the innocence and pure affection that comes with this age. Healthy friendships, regardless of gender, are to be encouraged right from the start – and I know, being a single child, Maya will always seek out good friends and playmates – that is what she loves and I am grateful for it.

Maya is really making efforts to speak correctly these days. She tries to enunciate all her words properly, and even corrects her grammar as she goes along. This is rather pleasing, considering it has come straight from within her, without any kind of deliberate instruction from me. But you can be certain I will do everything I can to encourage this wonderful habit.

For instance, I am delighted every time she says something like, ”Mama, I want to play with LEGO in long time!” She is obviously trying to imitate me when I say, “Let’s play LEGO, we haven’t done it in such a long time!” So now she says this quite often, with reference to several of her toys. This means she really listens and tries to absorb every single interaction – so I’d better make sure I speak properly as well! You have to try and correct them without making them feel like they are always saying the wrong thing – it is tricky, but fully worth the effort. So I do it gently, and even if she doesn’t get it right immediately, the next time there is always an improvement.

She is also turning into a little actress. Her expressions are well defined, even exaggerated, often for effect, and anyone who is with her has to play their role too! Sad, Happy, Angry, Hurt – all these are play acted all through the day as if she already knows that “All the world’s a stage!” Play on, my lady – the stage is yours!

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