If you’re desperate to lose weight, it’s tempting to try the latest extreme diet to see fast results.

But studies have found crash dieting is not only bad for your health – it can also send your mood plummeting, leaving you flying off the handle at small things as diet rage takes hold.

A team of US researchers found people on a diet were quickest to lose their temper – and the stricter they were when it came to banning naughty foods such as chocolate, the more likely they were to get angry.

David Gal of Northwestern University in Chicago says: “The effort involved in exerting ­self-control over eating can lead to an aggressive frame of mind.”

Slimmers who counted the ­calories in every single food consumed were more likely to have arguments with friends, loved ones and colleagues.

But why does this happen?

You feel what you eat (or don’t eat!)

Two factors are at work here. Firstly, dieting has a strong ­psychological effect. As studies show, it makes you feel deprived of grub, which is enough to make anyone grumpy!

On top of this, skipping calories puts you in a constant state of hunger so your body doesn’t function as well as normal, which also has a negative impact on your mood.

Bridget Benelam, nutrition scientist for the British ­Nutrition Foundation says: “Many of the brain ­pathways that deal with mood and hunger are linked.

“So it’s no surprise that feeling hungry goes hand in hand with having a short fuse.”

And there’s even more bad news – the more extreme your diet, the worse these nasty effects get.

Bridget explains: “When you don’t eat enough your blood sugar levels get ­really low, triggering the release of powerful hormones such as ­adrenaline.

“Adrenaline frees glucose from stores in your muscles and liver to provide an ­emergency ­energy supply, but it also has the unpleasant side effect of making you feel on edge for a while.”

All of which explains why, when you’re on the strictest of ­super-strict diets, you’re liable to find yourself biting your other half’s head off for little more than breathing, or screaming at the children across the supermarket!

Source: Daily Mirror

Picture source: Daily Mirror

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