An introduction to Qigong

by H B Muralidhara 1/22/2009 2:38:00 PM
The basic feature of Qigong is that it clears up all the energy blockages in our body to enable free and abundant flow of blood oxygen and chi / energy to the body organs. Remember in Qigong and taichi, mind always rides chi and chi rides blood. So, Qigong practiced without mind becomes dysfunctional and could at best be called calisthenics. A mindful Qigong employs the following to boost chi
  • Sound
  • Visualisation
  • Breathing
  • Body movement
  • Relaxation
Most importantly, breath control plays a vital role in doing effective Qigong. There are many energy or chi channels that criss-cross our body. Chi is also regulated through these channels and many different energy centres known as acupressure points or golden elixirs. If energy is stagnated for some reason, it causes illness.  Sounds very simplistic? Well!! More than 2000 years ago, Jivaka Kumara Bachcha a reputed Indian ayurvedic physician who founded Thai yoga Massage as practised in the temples of Thailand today, understood the principle of our body in reference to chi. He pointed out that major energy channels like Ida, pingala and sushumna nadi and their tributaries are responsible for harvesting, circulating and releasing chi. The chi is housed in three elixirs or energy centres in our body just like chakras. At the base of the body, it is located near our lower stomach (three fingers below navel), second one at the centre of the heart and the third one at the crown in the head.  To remain in balance and harmony, our body has two important aspects to take care of. The following are how these two opposing yet complementary energies are remembered
  • Yin: Feminine or Negative
  • Yang: Masculine or Positive

Qigong balances Yin and Yang in our body. Ancient Qi master's formula for health and longevity was based on 

  • Inner harmony = Qi flow,
  • Qi flow = good health,
  • Good health = longevity.

Relaxation is the key to Qigong practice. When the body is unrestrained, the flow of chi is abundant. It is easier to get into this state of mind when you align yourself with the universe with a sense of connection with all the living things in nature.   

Abundant chi within brings in increased clarity of thinking, vitality, motivation etc. Increased positive chi helps in eliminating the stagnant negative energy like stress, depression, fatigue, tiredness etc. Qigong is very simple and easy to learn and practice. 

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