Home remedies for blood purification and enhancement

Here are some age-old home remedies for blood purification and enhancement that use herbs, fruits and vegetables

By Shahin Ashraf Ali

Several years ago, Hippocrates declared “Your food shall be your medicine,” and sure enough various foods have been effectively used as home remedies for assorted ailments. Here are some age-old home remedies for blood purification and enhancement that use herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Neem (Margosa)

Indian herbalists strongly recommend margosa, ‘to eradicate the root cause of diseases and maintain healthy body’. Since Vedic times, neem is considered an excellent blood purifier.  Everyday, consume a tender neem leaf or two. Some opt to stir ¼ tsp fine and sterlised powder of neem in some water and drink it daily.


Tulsi (Basil)

Tulsi holds a place of honor in our Indian religion and culture. Since ancient times, it is held that keeping Tulsi plant at home purifies the atmosphere and traditional herbalists prescribe ingesting two to three leaves of tulsi a day for purifying the blood.


Shahad (Honey)

Since several thousand years, honey has been used as a vital medicinal ingredient. It is known to improve the haemoglobin thereby improving blood circulation. With its iron, copper and manganese content, honey helps maintain a healthy balance of haemoglobin and red blood corpuscles. The following ancient recipe for blood purification is popular even today:

In a glass of warm water, add two-teaspoon full honey and one-teaspoon lime juice.  Mix well and drink this mixture first thing in the morning.


Manjishtha (Rubia Cordifolia)

Practitioners of Ayurvedic system of healing maintain, “Manjishtha is used to improve the quality of blood. A decoction of the herb is recommended to purify the blood and improve its circulation.”


Anantmul (Hemidesmus Indicus)

In many traditional homes, anantmul is used as “Rakta Prasadan” – blood purifier. 

½ teaspoon anantmul powder is soaked in boiled water at night and this water is taken first thing in the morning for a few days to experience positive results.


Aam (Mango)

Unripe or green mangoes are considered to be a valuable food remedy in cases of blood disorders. It is said to aid formation of new blood cells and enhance the elasticity of the blood vessels. During its season, consuming raw mangoes in preparations as per taste is highly recommended.


Angoor (Grapes)

Naturopaths advocate grape juice to enhance the blood. It is an effective home remedy that can be preserved in a bottle for regular intake. Moreover, since ancient times, raisins or dried grapes have also been regarded as a nourishing and healthy edible. They provide the much needed easily absorbed iron for the anaemic.


Gajar (Carrot)

Being rich in alkaline content, carrots purify and revitalize the blood. It is best to consume this vegetable raw to gain its medicinal benefits.


Palak (Spinach)

Being a valuable source of iron, eating spinach enhances the haemoglobin count. Doctors are known to urge those suffering from anaemia to make this vegetable a mandatory part of their diet in the form of sabzi, soup, salads or juice. You may use it while kneading the dough for chappatis.


Chukandar (Beet Root)

There is a belief in home remedies folk lore that the juice of beet root is one of the most effective remedy for strengthening and empowering the blood cells.  Some prefer to boil the vegetable and use it in salads while consuming the boiled water with a dash of lemon juice instead of the juice.


Til (Sesame Seeds)

A popular home remedy in rural India for blood enhancement incorporates preparing an emulsion of black sesame seeds and consuming the same in a cup of milk sweetened with jaggery. Soak some black sesame seeds in warm water for a few hours.  Grind and strain to get the emulsion.

Pic: Zsuzsanna Kilian

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