The healing forecast (March, 2012)

Using the ancient spiritual techniques and tools (Prayers, Runes, Crystals…) this column intends to bring you general guidance to support you on your healing journey

By Shahin Ashraf Ali

Your cast forewarns that you may tend to cause fresh problems or add to the existing ones in one or two key areas of your life because of your imbalanced thinking and feelings. The cast counsels you to consciously control your thoughts, which will automatically take charge of your emotions. Try connecting with the vibrations of amethyst to calm you.

Your cast indicates a likelihood of being led astray due to uncontrolled desires. Tune in to the vibrations of sapphire and check out how it helps you. Wearing this stone blesses one with positive virtues; self control and helps make dreams a reality. Alternatively, you may choose conscious breathing or meditation to hold your impulses in check.

This period is likely to test you on lessons of the past. If you have learnt the lessons from past experiences then there is no real reason for despair. You may be empowered with wisdom, positivism and power to now make right choices and succeed. Wearing a garnet may help you.

The success you desire at this point of time is highly dependent on your skills of communication. You will soon need to make a major decision in your professional field. Clarity and fluidity of expression will help you immensely during this period.

Your cast urges you to do or go in for whatever that will help you to gain peace and harmony. Calm your emotions and you shall awaken to the fact that you are capable of turning the insignificant into the sublime and beautiful. Knowing and remaining mindful of this spiritual truth is healing.


Good fortune awaits you. Bear in mind though that if you let go of humility and gratitude, you stand to lose substantially and shall not make much of this fortuitous period.


The ruby is prominent in your cast, urging you to listen to your heart and follow its whisperings. It reassures you that no one knows you better than yourself. It is time to refocus your thoughts to attract the right energies that will turn your dreams into a reality.

You may need to balance opposing forces within and around you. It is a time of transition for you. The cast urges you to embrace changes and promises you a turn towards the better. Wearing tourmaline may help balance and redirect energies that may be in the process of being congested or obstructed.


Kunzite, the beautiful pink orchid coloured gem appears in your cast encouraging you to love and approve of yourself. Protect your feelings and focus on your wellbeing. The needs of others must not be your priority during this period.


Your cast foretells changes occurring or likely to occur in significant areas of your life. Your cast encourages you to embrace the changes with faith and fortitude. You are made aware that to resist change is to risk stagnation or to miss a wonderful opportunity.

Aquamarine, the gem popularly known as the water stone comes up for you, predicting a likely urge in you to reinvent yourself. Perhaps, it is a time when the cobwebs in your mind get cleared and you gain a new perspective. The vibrations of this stone shall wash away your anxieties and help you speak out the truth, as you perceive it.

Your cast points towards new beginnings, fulfilling adventures and exciting times ahead. However you need to make ‘space’ for the new. So, it is a good period to think about a mental and emotional spring cleaning.

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