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L Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology spent years studying the human mind, and discovered that a simple touch with the hands can focus the person’s attention on an injury or illness to heal you faster

People often get hurt or fall prey to diseases, injuries or mishaps and accidents. The role of medicine is limited – it treats the body, but overlooks the relationship a person’s mental attitude can have on his own body.

A technique called Assists that focuses attention on the affected body part by someone simply touching the part, is often an effective way to heal yourself.

A touch assist
An assist complements routine medical treatment and is not a primary healing method. However, it assists the individual to heal himself or be healed through another by removing his reasons for precipitating or prolonging his condition.

The purpose of a touch assist is to reestablish communication with the injured part of the body. It focuses the person’s attention to the affected body part.

This is done by repetitively touching the ill or injured person’s body and putting him into “communication” with his injury. This brings about recovery. The technique is based on the principle that the way to heal or remedy anything is to put somebody into communication with it.

Physical illness usually stems from a failure of the person to communicate with the area that is ill. When attention is withdrawn from an injured or ill part of the body, a person willfully cuts circulation to this part and this closes nerve flows and energy. This involuntary action limits nutrition to the area and prevents the drain of waste products.
Ancient healers attributed remarkable flows and qualities to the “laying on of hands” to an injured part of the body.

This probably simply heightened awareness on the affected area and restored physical communication factors. For example, if you do a touch assist on somebody who has a sprained wrist, you are putting him back into communication with that wrist.

The ways assists can be applied are almost limitless. And results are often miraculous. Assists help a person confront physical difficulty. The procedure can be carried out at any time to alleviate present time discomfort.
Assists in no way intrude upon the role of medicine; neither are they substitutes for medical treatment; they are merely complementary to it.

Adapted from (Assists for illnesses and injuries) 

Picture credit: Scientology Volunteer Ministers

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