Diary of a supermum: A loving touch

As time goes by Maya has been has been getting fonder of the people close to her

By Suneeta Rao

Maya has been needing less sleep these days. As it is, she is an early riser – she is up at the crack of dawn much to my dismay, leaving me longing for a little more sleep every day. But it’s a small sacrifice considering the joy it brings to see her early morning face, fresh as a daisy and brimming with energy.  But lately, even her afternoon nap has been getting delayed. She is almost hyperactive just after lunch, and wants to play rather than sleep – which is a complete change from her earlier habit.  This gets quite hard to handle, as I suffer from the “post lunch stupor” syndrome, which makes me want to dive under the sheets after a nice meal! It takes all my energy and patience to stay awake in that period, and be good company for her! But this will soon be taken care of, when she starts Nursery. I have chosen the afternoon batch, so I feel it will suit her present sleep cycle perfectly – and mine too!

As I may have mentioned earlier, Maya is an extremely affectionate child. She loves people, and shows it openly, not discriminating at all between family, friends and even the staff! She includes everyone in her circle of love – not leaving anyone out – and often asking for someone who isn’t around, wanting to know where they are and what they are doing.

This extends to all her cousins as well. She names each of them, followed by the city they live in, and then goes on to say that she wants to go there! Even the cleaning lady is asked for if she is a few minutes later than usual! Often she mentions the driver by name, shyly and with a coyness that drives me crazy, thus making him smile in the heaviest of traffic – bringing cheer to what could otherwise be a dreary and frustrating ride.

She is getting closer to her friend Mira, too. She constantly asks to go over to her house, or to have her over to ours. They are interacting a lot more on play dates now, learning to share and play games with each other, rather than independently. Some mornings she says, “Mama, what we doing today?” So I have to instantly think of something interesting to do or some place interesting to go – a challenge, really, considering the limited options in this city. More and more she is talking about things that she is hearing from her peers – things I may not have heard of – like a ‘mountain biscuit’, for instance – obviously some child in her class must have had something like that in his or her lunch box. She even asks for play dates with other children in her class. Yes – she is getting demanding – as they all do – but in her own gentle way – and she has every right. I will do my best, sweetheart, not to disappoint you, and to give you all that you ask for – within limits, of course!

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