First few days alone with Lakshita

Returning back home to Pune meant that I had to take care of Lakshita all by myself. This seemed like a big challenge as I prepared to face it

By Deepti Khanna

Ever since Lakshita was came into our lives I or should I say we were surrounded by helpful and doting grandparents, neighbours who were more than willing to babysit the baby and a bunch of friendly aunties and uncles who would do anything to bring a smile on her cute little face. But there came that day when I had to bid farewell to all of them and move to Pune to stay with my husband and the new addition – my daughter.

Now, the challenge here was taking care of Lakshita, every single day without any help. This essentially meant feeding, cleaning pee and poop, putting her to sleep, bathing her, cooking food and also cleaning the home on a daily basis. The list seemed endless and the days that lay ahead difficult. I told myself if X, Y, Z could do it, so could I. So with a heavy heart and an uneasy mind, my husband, Lakshita and I left for home.

Our tickets were booked for December 5 early morning. We reached the airport well in time and as soon as we went to check in our luggage and collect our boarding passes, we were informed that the online agency had charged us for the infant’s seat but not paid the airlines the money. So we were told to buy Lakshita’s ticket once again. Grhh… after expressing our displeasure on the phone to a representative from the online ticketing agency, we paid the money and went ahead and boarded the flight. With Lakshita sleeping most of the time, the journey per se was quite pleasant and pleasurable.

Once we landed in Pune, we were informed that our luggage was misplaced. The bag contained an expensive camera, some gold jewellery along with many other things. Not a good beginning I thought. I just hoped that this was not God’s way of telling me of the tough times that lay ahead.

Slowly things did fall in place. A few hours later we were called by the airlines and informed that our luggage was left in Delhi itself and would be delivered at home sometime the next day. Happy about finding our bag, we reached home relieved and happy.

Cut to Monday morning. My husband left for work at 8:30 am. I was nervous – from cleaning poop, changing nappies, washing clothes to massaging, bathing and putting Lakshita to sleep – I had to do everything on my own. The nervousness of handling this task did not let me sleep well too. I got up a little early and boiled eggs for breakfast and washed and sterilised Lakshita’s bottles before she woke up. I wanted to be prepared so that I would not have to run around when I needed the bottles. By the time I gave Lakshita a massage and a bath, I was tired and my back was hurting badly as I carried her around for too long. I just decided to take it easy on the first day and called for a delicious kheema pizza for lunch. But I was robbed of all the fun element even then as Lakshita was noticeably uneasy (maybe due to the change in surroundings). By the end of the day I just prayed for a good night’s sleep and wished that things would get better with each passing day. And they certainly did.

Tuesday was a lot better. My maid servant brought a massage-wali along who was appointed immediately. So Lakshita’s bath and massage was taken care of or rather off my to-do list (Yippie!!!). On that day Lakshita was also kind enough to sleep for three hours at a stretch so I managed to make aloo methi ka sabzi and daal. On that day I was super lucky and got some ‘me’ time as well. In the afternoon after feeding her well, I put her in her carrycot and took her along for a swim. I know she is too young and would have probably understood nothing, but I exposed her to something she had not seen before. This was her first experience of watching her mother or anyone swim. After all, it is never too early introduce something new to kids.

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