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Happiness is the key to ones mental wellbeing. Clinical psychologist Anjali Chhabria lists out what we can do to remain stress free and happy

Health is wealth and it is one of the most important aspects of our life. However, there is a shortcut to good health, which is being happy. Research suggests that happier people are less likely to have mental and physical illnesses.

So how does one become happy?
Happiness is a journey not a destination and it is the choices in our journey that adds years to our life. One needs to understand that the first relation they have is with themselves. Hence, making oneself happy should be the main priority. The next step would be to put down a list of activities that make you happy. Here are some of them:

  1. Exercise not only improves ones mental health but is also releases the “happy hormone”, which helps us combat stress. You can hit the gym, join a dance class, practice yoga, go for a nice brisk walk on the beach, etc. You can indulge in sports like swimming, skating, tennis and squash. Learn something new if you have already mastered the other. Playing a sport with a friend or a companion could be great fun too. This increases your motivation and improves mental health.

  2. Reading helps you stimulate your intellectual abilities. It helps you divert your mind from excessive worry and anxiety and helps you mentally involve yourself in a mindful activity or immerse yourself into a new fantasy land.

  3. Socialising is one of the most important activities, which we often take for granted. The cause of loneliness is the sense of worthlessness and dejection. Interacting with family and friends on a weekly basis is a must. There are also clubs and organisations where one can go and interact with others.

  4. Singing, dancing or art, each one of us does have an inclination towards the feeling of expression. Create a hobby which may cater to your feel good factor. This helps break the monotony and stress away from the routine and instil a feeling of enthusiasm.

  5. Spend “me” time. Invest in yourself. The most important activity is to feel good about yourself. Pamper yourself once in a while. Be it with a good massage, a good holiday, shopping or just a pedicure in the salon next to your house.

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