Fracture management in Ayurveda

We tell you about the advantages of Ayurvedic treatment in fractures and bone setting

By Acharya V Vasudevan, Ayurveda expert

Bone fracture might occur because of pressure, a fall, or a powerful force impact, and requires immediate attention. Ayurveda offers effective treatment and care for rejoining bones and restoring them to their prior form and strength. The Ayurvedic term for fracture is Bhanga. It recommends treatments classified into two categories: dislocation and fracture. Bone is a living tissue that constantly builds and hence it rejoins and nourishes in most cases. A fracture can also happen because of osteoporosis or bone cancer. In such cases, the treatment is totally different.

Ayurveda practices for treating fracture are centuries old, from the period of Susruta who was honored as the first ever surgeon in the history of medicine. There are traditional bone setters and Kalari masters (martial arts practitioners in Kerala) who practice this efficiently with their rich experience and expertise. Skill in manipulating bones and setting the alignment in the right order is more important in its management than medicines.

Bone setting and treatment
Bone setting is a special art and a skill which requires practical knowledge. It entails pulling and adjusting the bones gently back to their original position. Herbal pastes are applied to rejoin the bones and splints with bandages are also used.  While joining the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons are also healed.

Ayurveda has its own method of diagnosing by feeling and touching and analysing the appearance of the affected part. Treatment includes bone setting, medicines, therapies, splints or slings as required. Splints are normally made by bamboo pieces in different shapes and thicknesses. The main advantage of Ayurvedic treatment is the external and internal use of herbal medicines in various forms which shows encouraging results in joining bones, reducing pain and healing wounds. Wheat flour, egg white, sugar, milk, ghee along with herbal pastes like Kumari and Kasamarda are some of them. Therapies like oil massage are good for shaping the bones. Steaming and application of herbal pastes reduce swelling and pain. Panchakarma therapies are also done in certain conditions.

Fracture on marma points (vital areas) needs special attention and only experienced Ayurvedacharyas can handle complicated multiple fractures. In old age and chronic disease conditions, relocation of bones is difficult, but the process is easier in children and young people.

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